Oct - Dec. 2006 LAN installation in both a factory and an office
  • WAN circuit installation support
  • LAN installation (Wireless AP, Switch)
  • Rental service (Network equipment, FAX DECT phone)
Jan - Dec 2007 LAN/PBX installation in both a factory and office
  • Cabling in Office and Factory
  • Global network installation
  • LAN installation
  • WAN circuit installation support
  • PBX/Telephone installation
Aug - Nov 2008 Additional cabling installation and settup of wireless LAN in a factory
  • Wireless AP and Wireless Controller installation
  • Integration with Customer Win Server (Account management)
Aug 2008 - Feb 2009 LAN/PBX installation for in an Office and a Warehouse
  • Cabling for LAN, TEL
  • LAN/Wireless installation
  • PBX installation
Aug 2008 - Jun 2010 IT consultantion services/installation in a factory
  • IT design
  • Server system
  • Design document for government
  • IP-PBX installation
  • SCS Cabling for LAN, TEL and Security system
  • Security Camera installation
  • LAN/WAN installation
2011 IT installation in a factory
  • PC/Server system
  • Software
  • Network equipment, etc
2013 IT installation in a factory
  • Relocation from temp office to Factory
  • Network equipment, etc
  • Total project management for IT installation and testing
2013 LAN/PBX installation in an office
  • Cabling for LAN, Telephone, PC
  • LAN/Wireless installation, PBX installation
2014 IT cabling installation and migration for factory expansion
  • Phased migration design and work in accordance with the customer's floor expansion
  • Network equipment
  • Advanced WiFi solution
2014 Relocation and migration of office and settup of a new production area in a factory
  • Phased migration design and work to minimize outage.
  • Additional PC, Network equipment
2015 Email and file sharing system installation following enforcement of Russia's Personal Data Protection Law
  • Thin Virtual Desktop system installation in condition of accessing Datacenter servers (achieved high security)